6 thoughts on “Special Projects”

  1. Wiggy, would it be possible for you make some AGB-001 battery cover replacements? I bought mine the other week, and most of them are selling without the cover 😦 . I’ve seen your custom buttons and they were so awesome.


  2. I actually just buy replacements on eBay and other online stores. Sometimes I find lots of original covers, but most often I end up buying aftermarket replacements since they’re plentiful and cost effective (often sellers ask nearly the price of a GBA unit for just an original battery cover, which is crap IMO).


    They have them, and they’re cheap.


  3. Thanks for the link Wiggy, I’ll check that one out. I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s not an original. As long as it can hold the batteries from falling :D.


  4. Yup, no prob!

    They work just fine in my experience. The color isn’t 100% perfect match, but it’s pretty close.


  5. Hey I was just wondering when the Day dreamer GBC’s would be in stock?


  6. Not sure. We go in cycles with our production. One week it might be GBAs, then repro carts, Neo Geo Pockets, etc.


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