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8 thoughts on “Mods”

  1. Hey, about those backlit mod kits, would they fit perfectly into a normal gameboy advance sp? Or is it already custom made for the gameboy advance?

    Any reply would be great!


  2. custom made for GBA’s.


  3. when will you have custom moded gameboy colors?


  4. Hopefully in the next few weeks when parts arrive from china.


  5. samusprime said:

    Hello, i looking for snes cart case gold only, u can made it?


  6. No, sorry. We don’t take on commissions at the moment.


  7. Wyatt Nance said:

    Are you able to work a wonderswan color front light mod and if so aside from shipping what would be the cost involved in getting this done? Thank you.


  8. Michael Everist said:

    Hi how do u charge the internal battery in the Sega nomad X


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