Front lit Final Fantasy limited edition Wonder Swan Color, retrobright treatment, custom game cases for FF1 & FF2

3-27 (12)3-27 (14)

Front lit Neo Geo Pocket Color3-27 (13)

Various customer GBA light+ units3-27 (10)3-27 (4) 3-27 (11) 3-27 (7) 3-27 (6)3-27 (5) 3-27 (3) 3-27 (2) 3-27 (1)

Various customer Front lit Gameboy Color units3-27 (8)

Gameboy micro faceplates3-27 (16)samus 1 NES (1) Mario (1) Luigi (1) Kirby (1) DMG (1) chrome (1) black (1)

Megaman Customer Appreciation Package

3-27 (17)

Nomad X

3-27 (18) 3-27 (19)


14 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. Aaron Ramirez said:

    is the blue GBC a custom paint job?


  2. awesome said:

    Can I order a customized gameboy advance or gameboy micro from?
    (I dont have the systems)


  3. Nope, just the normal teal color 🙂


  4. Yup! Just go ahead and use the contact or how to order tabs up top and we can discuss what exactly you’re looking for.


  5. Would you guys happen to be able to do the Pikachu paint job that used to be on the yellow Gameboy Colour?


  6. Sure, can do most anything as far as graphics and paint go.


  7. Red GBA with read letters on lens looks SICK!! how may i get one of those?


  8. That was sort of a one time thing, though I could make more. I had a handful of GBA plastic lenses that didn’t have the logo on them and instead just a blank, open spot, so I just printed out a logo and placed it behind the lens 😉

    I can most likely find more of that lens if that’s something that you want. Just an FYI, those lenses are sort of soft and easily scratched, which is why I prefer to use the glass replacement lenses instead.


  9. Hi, i’m from argentina. I love modding and i made the regular gbc frontlight mod. It was great but in the screen there were vertical lines. So i decided to cut the metacril plastic and i fucked it. Can you send me a new reflective screen? Or tellme where do you get the reflective screen or which material is? Thank you very much.


  10. The clear plastic lens that diffuses the light for the light bar?


  11. Those are awesome. I’d love a moded GBC


  12. Thanks! feel free to check out what we have available here:


  13. Hey can i get one of those original gameboy faceplates for the micro are you going to have them again i need one they are amazing!!!!!!


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