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We have a real treat in the works for you Zelda fans. We are going to be offering up this large 24″ X 36″ signed and numbered print of the Master Sword artwork below. The artist, Dave Cardwell, won an Oscar for technical achievements in 3D modelling this year, he has worked on movies such as the Lord of the Rings, and he graciously did this world class artwork for us.

RobotSword_final This is a exclusive print, only available through Rose Colored Gaming and will not be found anywhere else on the web. We are also collaborating with Dave on a magical game sure to satisfy all retro and zelda fans, called Lost In Nazca so stop by and Like his facebook page.

Dave is one of our personal best friends, I’ve been close friends with Dave since the 7th grade, we used to ride our bikes up to the mall to get Secret of Mana. We read EGM and drooled over pictures of the PC Engine SuperGraphx system. We cut class to play Final Fantasy and fly to the moon. We’ve ditched class for just about every good game that ever came out on the SNES. We ate and bled gaming back in those days… and in fact… we STILL DO! So support retro and keep the fires burning! Support my boy Dave and like his page and when we’re done with the game – buy it! We need you guys to keep this going. 

With a little luck and support from the community, we can keep these prints coming 🙂

We will be doing a giveaway of a signed and numbered print from his facebook page in a few weeks so sign up and Like it. Coming soon so stay tuned!