After a LOT of hard work we have several new designs out today that mark a new level of creativity and design coming from RCG! We also a new product: RCG shells at our store for the first time! 😀 If you want to buy, you should do it soon since these are already selling out… all are available at the web store.

Get a Life! - SMB-themed GBA!

“Get a Life” Super Mario Brothers-themed 1up mushroom GBA!

Grow Up! - SMB-themed GBA!

“Grow Up!” Super Mario Brothers-themed power up mushroom GBA!


new “Lake Hylia” modded GBA

Spazer - Metroid themed GBC!

the “Spazer” Metroid-themed GBC
updated Supernova!
updated Supernova!
Shells here!
updated Quasar!
updated Quasar!

Day Dreamer - Kirby-themed GBC

AESthetiquenew Neo Geo Pocket Color design “eMvious”


new Neo Geo Pocket Color design “AESthetique“!

These designs are all available at the RCG store right now! check us out! >>store