Hello to all you lovely gamers out there!

1st, I want to thank everyone who has been so incredibly patient with me while I play what seems to be an ever-lasting game of catch up since little Oscar was born.  You guys and gals have been great, and I sincerely appreciate it 🙂

2nd, and with the previous statement in mind, we are working on a total revamp of the site, some of the products/services, and other features offered here at Rose Colored Gaming in order to provide a better experience for you and so that I can stay on top of what has become a booming little enterprise (again, thank you!).

As of this week (Sunday, May 12th) we won’t be taking on any new custom orders and we will be selling most of our existing products via eBay to simplify the ordering process while we build a proper storefront here on the site.  The current plan is to be down for 3-4 weeks.  This will also give us some time to build up an inventory of pre-modded Gameboys, Nomads, Wonderswans, Neo Geo Pockets, and any other time-consuming product that we produce.  I get so many emails asking for simple pre-modded units, but simply do not have the time to keep up with custom orders AND keep a supply of pre-mods on hand.  I want this to change so that there’s always product on hand, ready to ship for those that want it.  I just placed an order for a MASSIVE amount of portable consoles from Japan and am working with a couple of fellows who will hopefully be able to help me get them modded with assembly line-like efficiency so that the supply doesn’t dry up.

I have a number of other features for the site that have been on the back burner for FAR too long.  Look for:

• New FAQs and How-Tos

• Some promotional and instructional videos

• More photos and a bigger, better gallery

• New products and services

I will add a link to the eBay store as soon as the items are listed and will be posting updates through the next few weeks as things start to come together.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are still always welcome!  In fact, I need your feedback more so now than ever.  I love hearing from all of you guys and gals (as some of you may very well know, based on my often excited and long-winded email responses).   So let me know if there’s anything that YOU think would make for a better experience on the site, purchasing goods and services, etc.


Wiggy and the RCG family