PW&GW collage cover

Sorry for any confusion that was created in the shit storm yesterday.  I really wanted to offer these in a way that gave as many interested people a chance at a set as possible, but things obviously didn’t go according to plan.  At all.  I pulled the auctions down, requested that the Nintendolife article be removed (thank you, Damien), and shelved the sets for the moment (don’t ask, they aren’t going anywhere right now).

I guess the idea of reproduction carts is far too offensive for some folks and many of them have proven themselves to be quite outspoken about their opinions.  I have a really hard time understanding why something like this is so offensive to any non-involved party, but I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Where does RCG go with repros from here?  Don’t know, but I’m gonna put ’em on the back burner for a bit while I rethink the process of producing, licensing, marketing, etc.



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