To the room right below 😛

But seriously, things are really picking up here thanks to all you lovely folks, and I need to move the office/studio in order to make room for some new equipment and whatnot.   I’m trying to maintain a workspace while swapping a bedroom and office at the same time.  So, if I seem a little slow to get back to you lately, that’s why.  Have no fear though, I’m still a modding fool and am working as hard as humanly possible to tend to everyone’s orders, requests, comments, etc.

I’m also drawing up some seriously serious Goddess and Link artwork today for these lovely gold carts that I have sitting here.  It’s been a while since I picked up a pencil.  No Google-sourced artwork for these bad boys.  That’s not how we do things 😉

goddess art teaer 1

As always, stay tuned…