faceplate stack

Sorry for the delay, I got most of these shipped out today.   Thanks to all you lovely folks out there I am SWAMPED!  I ran out of room at my workspace and these things are spilling out all over the place.  Onto the couch they go!

lots o portables

I ran into a few of hiccups with the faceplates.  1st, the Megaman plates have a printing error that, well, you can see here.  No worries, a new corrected batch is on its way and should be here by Tuesday.

megaman badge

2nd, there are a couple of international orders.  I need to start checking with you folks BEFORE invoicing.  I’ll have to re-calculate shipping costs and send a revised invoice to my international customers.  If the price doesn’t jive with you, don’t worry, your payments are 100% refundable.

3rd, there was an issue with clarity of the lens, and thanks to a local customer, I was able to spot it before they shipped (it was hard to see until they are installed, at which point it becomes REALLY obvious).  The problem has been resolved and won’t be an issue in the future.  But, it did mean that I had to spend a little more time on them.  They’re looking fantastic now.  I just took care of said local customer’s micro, and we were both really happy with the results 🙂

Stay tuned for the next batch of designs…