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If you’re here, then I’m guessing that you just might.  We (yes, I say we because I’ve joined forces with a fellow retro gaming nerd to make this happen!) are going to be offering reproduction SNES and NES games in the not-too-distant future!


Any of you who have purchased products from me or taken advantage of my services know that I sort of obsess over packaging and presentation.  Well, we want our repro carts to take that to the next level with hand-made limited packaging, unique artwork, purdy colored carts and such, and even custom cartridge shells with artwork and graphics molding into the shell itself!  I know how much collectors love their special editions and just plain old hard copies in general, and we really feel that repro carts, while not official releases, deserve just as much, if not more attention.  These carts are all modified by hand, which makes them just that much more unique.   That Zelda cart up there is just a quicky to show what can be done with a MINIMAL amount of extra attention.  You can expect us to take it much further once things get rolling.

I know there are mixed feelings about reproduction carts, and if it’s not your thing, then I hope you won’t hold our decision to offer such things against us.  I promise we won’t obliterate EVERY copy of John Madden ’96 in order to satiate the market 🙂