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RCG-under-constructionOur poor blog has been severely neglected as of late. But fear not, there is a plan! This blog will be converted into something simpler with less focus on our day-to-day and week-to-week goings on and product offerings. Instead look for more How-To and FAQ postings, more gallery images, and features which will outline our process for various projects that we’re working on in order to better illustrate exactly what we do here and why we do it the way that we do 🙂

The New official Rose Colored Gaming website is now located at

The New official Rose Colored Gaming blog is now located at

The New 8-bit Heroes on Kickstarter

He guys and gals!  Long time since I’ve posted, but we’re in limbo (i.e. between leases), so I’m at my computer a LOT (since there’s not much else I can do with the entire office in storage), so I want to go ahead and share some projects which I think are pretty cool and worth checking out.


First up, The New 8-bit Heroes. If you haven’t heard about this already, then please go check it out and back these guys. I’m gonna throw down some cheddar on the project, and I hope you folks can do the same if you dig it. We’d really love to see this come to fruition!

The New 8-bit Heroes on Kickstarter

SNES & SFC GBA info and process


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First off, I want to welcome all of the new followers on FB!  There are a LOT of you ‘O_O’

We’ve been looking through the various articles and comments around the web.  There seems to be some confusion here and there, based on the comments in some of the articles.  So, we’ll try and clear up some of that 🙂

First, here are links to a number of the articles:







Retro Game Network

Game Kult




Gamespark (japanese)

Iletaitungeek (french)

Retro Gaming Magazine


Alright, here goes.

ALL of our GBAs are backlit using an original GBA (AGB-001) motherboard and a replacement GBA SP (AGS-101) backlit LCD.  These are actually a better quality product than the original SP LCDs.  We’ve modified many, MANY GBAs with both the replacement and original LCDs, and the replacements have always provided better, more consistent results.

These are original Gameboy Advance systems which have been modified to use a backlit LCD and have a themed appearance.  These are NOT “clone” systems and they are most certainly not “portablized” SNES/SFC systems.  They play Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games, just like any other Gameboy Advance system.

We are not currently pre-selling these or any of our other products.  We post regular updates on our FB page regarding production of new products.  That is the best place to be for the most up-to-date information regarding when these, or any of our other products, will be up for sale.

Like most everything else we produce or have produced, these are made by hand, thus they take a lot of time to create/build.   Here is a list of what went in to these systems.

Unique package design for both systems.  These were designed in-house, like all of our packaging.  The boxes come back to us cut and scored from a local friend and printer. We then assemble the packaging.


Our own serial and model number labels.  These are not the generic replacements you’d find with a generic replacement shell.  These were created by ourselves and are not simple reproductions of the original labels.

Brand new glass lenses which have been modified to display the SNES and SFC logos.  This is a painstaking and time-consuming process.  Again, this is done by hand.  The original glass lenses are given an acid bath to soften the original finish, we carefully strip them down to bare glass, then the new graphic must be applied, trimmed, and cleaned up.

Our own cast D-pads and A/B buttons.  We make these parts in-house with molds made by us.  We mix the colors and we cast the resins.   Like most everything else we do, this process isn’t quick or cheap.  We use a very high quality resin for these buttons along with the best resin dyes out there.  You cannot simply buy these buttons.  There are no colored aftermarket replacement buttons for the GBA.

Multi-stage paint process.  Each of the painted parts (outer shell, “bumpers”, and R/L buttons) have their own 4-stage finish, and each is painted with colors which we mixed ourselves.  We employ an automotive grade plastic adhesion promoter, then a base of bright white (which helps to ensure opacity when painting the translucent shells and keep the colors as vibrant as possible), then the base color, and then a protective matte/flat clear coat.  This is not your garden variety “Can o’ Krylon Fusion sprayed on a piece of cardboard in the backyard” paint job, and you won’t find these colors at Wal-Mart.  The SNES and SFC both have their own very unique of gray.  The differences are very subtle, and that’s why it’s impossible to reproduce these colors with an off-the-shelf product.


Hope this helps everyone better understand the process required to make these and many of our other products.


A real treat is in the works for all Zelda fans…


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We have a real treat in the works for you Zelda fans. We are going to be offering up this large 24″ X 36″ signed and numbered print of the Master Sword artwork below. The artist, Dave Cardwell, won an Oscar for technical achievements in 3D modelling this year, he has worked on movies such as the Lord of the Rings, and he graciously did this world class artwork for us.

RobotSword_final This is a exclusive print, only available through Rose Colored Gaming and will not be found anywhere else on the web. We are also collaborating with Dave on a magical game sure to satisfy all retro and zelda fans, called Lost In Nazca so stop by and Like his facebook page.

Dave is one of our personal best friends, I’ve been close friends with Dave since the 7th grade, we used to ride our bikes up to the mall to get Secret of Mana. We read EGM and drooled over pictures of the PC Engine SuperGraphx system. We cut class to play Final Fantasy and fly to the moon. We’ve ditched class for just about every good game that ever came out on the SNES. We ate and bled gaming back in those days… and in fact… we STILL DO! So support retro and keep the fires burning! Support my boy Dave and like his page and when we’re done with the game – buy it! We need you guys to keep this going. 

With a little luck and support from the community, we can keep these prints coming 🙂

We will be doing a giveaway of a signed and numbered print from his facebook page in a few weeks so sign up and Like it. Coming soon so stay tuned!

SXSW Gaming Expo – Visit the iam8bit booth!


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If you are within reach of Austin Texas, stop by the SXSW Gaming Expo and buy one of our modded GBA’s at the iam8bit booth. iam8bit is one of our good friends so make sure to check them out and see what they have to offer. Details:


Buy a Zelda set? Here’s your edition number.

Alrighty folks, here’s a complete list of who will be receiving what numbered set. The list contains first and last initials for every buyer and the EXACT time at which the purchase was made (which was pulled from the PayPal transaction, which you can cross-reference).

The numbers we assigned according to the time in which the transactions were processed and NOTHING else. Only two transactions were reported at the exact same second, and for those two we assigned the numbers according to the order in which paypal arranged the transactions. One order is pending, and as such it will not officially be assigned a number until it has been cleared. With that out of the way, here’s the list:

1 – DQ 20:15:39
2 – PW 20:15:50
3 – AB 20:16:12
4 – BG 20:16:59
5 – JG 20:17:10
6 – AB 20:17:17
7 – MM 20:17:29
8 – JW 20:18:27
9 – RB 20:19:12
10 – AK 20:19:40
11 – JO 20:20:15
12 – JY 20:20:34
13 – RM 20:24:53
14 – JR 20:25:50
15 – MG 20:39:07
16 – CB 20:43:40
17 – NL 20:51:19
18 – TH 20:51:20
19 – DM 20:52:45
20 – AM 20:56:22
21 – NL 22:02:53
22 – GAI 22:13:19
23 – RT 22:45:47
24 – MS 23:01:00
25 – DW 23:14:32
26 – CJ 1:58:59
27 – PK 1:58:59
28 – AAK 2:02:54
29 – CP 3:23:56
30 – NO 3:50:31
31 – JH 4:35:56
32 – AC 6:15:44
33 – IA 8:31:33
34 – JS 11:58:11
35 – AF 12:01:52
36 – JT 13:18:33
37 – MG 17:46:21
38 – MT 20:32:11
39 -TM 20:51:47
40 – AB 23:25:31
41 – IB 5:10:33
42 – ST 19:35:38
43 – FB 3:40:32
44 – WT 3:57:45
45 – RJ 6:01:20
46 – LL 8:47:30
47 – VG 11:34:50
48 – YH 12:05:51
49 – pending
50 –

Just ONE set left!  See our FB page for a rather unique set of circumstances which has just popped up that may interest the super hardcore Zelda/RCG collector 🙂