System Mods

I offer kits, installation services or finished mods for your favorite classic handhelds to bring them into the 21st century! We have pre-modded systems available, or you can send in your own system to be modded. As always, combined shipping is available for multiple items.


  • RCG-0002 Game Boy Advance (with back-light) — $125.00 + $10.00 S&H
  • RCG-0008 Game Boy Color (with front-light) — $60.00 + $10.00 S&H

*System Color Availability varies


  • RCG-0002 Back-lit Game Boy Advance (service) – $105.00 + $10.00 S&H
  • RCG-0009 Back-lit Game Boy Pocket (service) — $40.00 + $10.00 S&H
  • Sega Nomad modern LCD screen upgrade — $60.00 + $10.00 S&H


  • RCG-0003 Front lit Wonderswan (service) — $40.00 + $10.00 S&H
  • RCG-0004 Front lit Neo Geo Pocket (service) — $50.00 + $10.00 S&H
  • RCG-0008 Front-lit Game Boy Color (service) – $40.00+ $10.00 S&H


  • RCG-0001 GBA back light kit – $60.00 + $5.00 S&H
  • RCG-0007 GBA Glass Replacement Lens — $10.00 + $5.00 S&H
  • For even more services available for your handheld, visit our Other Services Page.

110 thoughts on “System Mods”

  1. Very interesting… I didnt know that its possible to backlit a Game Boy Color. I’ll have to replace the original LCD?
    How much would cost to ship a GBC kit to Brazil?

    • There’s currently no way to backlight a GBC, only front. I don’t sell kits for the front lights because they’re just too fragile and I’ve had nothing but issues when selling them on their own :(

      But, I do offer pre-modded units and will service mailed-in consoles as well.

  2. I’m curious about the GBPocket. How is that backlit? :D

    Is the panel response time worse than originally or?

    Or is it like the GBLight (Which IIRC had a back light and not a front light)?

    And the GBC is frontlit using the GBA SP Front light ?

    • I use a backlight assembly similar to those in the DS. It’s a diffused panel with 4 white SMD LEDs powering it.

      It employs the original LCD, so no changes there.

      It’s not like the GB pocket light. Those employed an EL electro-luminescent) film in order to provide illumination. Sort of dated tech at this point. Very limited candle power, limited color options (hence the funky blue-green glow).

      The GBCs that I make are illuminated using parts that are nearly identical to the SP, but not actually from an SP.

      • Cool. Thanks for the info.

      • No prob!

      • Oh, I forgot to ask. Is it possible you could take pictures with the lights for those two before and after? (Maybe a video too? Hah sorry if that’s asking too much).
        I’d really like to see how it looks. (Interested in screen uniformity as well with the lights :p)

        I’m a stickler for detail.

      • Yeah, it’s actually on my list of to-dos (along with 100 other things LOL).

        I’m working towards getting more/better images of everything I do uploaded in the very near future, so just keep an eye on the site ;)

        As far as video, I’ll try. It takes a lot longer than snapping pics, and time is what I seem to be lacking lately :P

      • Understandable! I look forward to it!

  3. AtomicPumpkin said:

    Does the pre-modded RCG-0002 come with a glass lens? Also what’s the time frame on these? I’m looking to order one for my boy and me soon. Thanks in advance.

    • Yup, sure does! I’m about 1-2 weeks out at this point. Just let me know, and I can take a small deposit ($15) to hold you a spot in line :)

  4. Hello I am very interested in the back light mod for the GBA but I am wondering if i could see some nice pics of the finished product and does the screen look as good as the original. Also on a side note i appreciate what you are doing with all of these older consoles.

    • There are some pics up in the products section and I’ll be posting more ASAP. Also, take a look at the FB page for more pics.

      The aftermarket screens and as good interns of image quality as the originals. I’ve had them side by side and I cannot tell the difference between the two. I’ll also try and post pics of a GBA with an OEM LCD and one with an aftermarket screen together to better illustrate.

  5. Hello I am interested in sending in my GBA to have the GBA+light mod done to it what would be the best way to talk to you more in depth about it.

  6. What is the battery life of the modded GBA?

    • Not sure. A comparison test in on my list of to-dos though.

      • AtomicPumpkin said:

        There’s a couple of videos on YouTube that deal with this mod and they get 10-14 hours on NiMH – so it probably depends on the capacity of the batteries as well as what brightness setting they have it on.

        Here are the YouTube links:

      • I was gonna just do a straight up AA alkaline comparison between an unmodded AGB-001 and the GBA light+. Stick in the same game, turn em on, and let time lapse camera run ;)

      • AtomicPumpkin said:

        That would be sweet! Do you have an GBA AGS-101 that you could throw in the mix, as well?

      • Yup, sure do! Heck, I’ll toss in an AGS-001 and a front lit AGB for that matter. They’re all sitting here, just matter of slapping in some batteries and turning them all on. Just gotta grab about 5 copies of the same game…

  7. sicklink said:

    i really really want a gba backlight kit but you havent replied back :l

  8. Hey there Wiggy, very interested with your AGB-001 backlit kit. Do you have some nice shots on how to install the screen? I was thinking about how the light gets powered up. Do you need to have skills for soldering?

  9. If I were to purchase this option- “RCG-0002 Game Boy Advance (with back-light) — $125.00 + $10 S&H” how much would it cost for each colour of GBA console as each shell color differs in price? Also, are the GBA consoles cleaned before being shipped out or would I have to pay extra for that? Thank you.

    • Everything I mod gets cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned ;)

      “Normal” colors available in the US fall into the 125 price point (Glacier, Indigo, Pink, White, and Black).

      Any limited colors like the Target red, TrU Gold, Platinum, etc are typically more costly and will need to be sourced on an individual basis. I.e. I don’t keep any stock if the more uncommon colors on hand.

  10. Any chance of getting an LCD mod for a Sega Game Gear?

    • I’ve got a new backlight system concocted, but it’s not an entirely new LCD. But it’s a lot better lit. Working out bugs still. Will post when it’s ready to go!

      • Tristan said:

        Nice. The Game Gear was definitely poorly lit. The one I had as a kid has a pretty faded screen, but luckily my refurb I bought a few years ago is still colourful. Anyway, I just wasn’t sure if you had ever seen this:

        I’m not obnoxiously savvy when it comes to that kind of stuff, so I’m not sure how difficult/expensive that really is.

      • I’ve seen that, and of course the guy hasn’t shared how he did it. I do see a comment or two suggesting how to do so. This isn’t the route I’m currently going, but I definitely plan to look into it :)

  11. that little board below the new screen, seen when he shows the internal shot(0:18-0:20), is a GGTV board, so im guessing hes using one of those car reversing LCD’s, the connector he plugs in would also be hooked up to this

    • I think someone mentioned that in the youtube comments as well (or something similar). I’ll have to grab one
      of those boards and start cutting stuff up. Thanks!

      • LimitZer0 said:

        The GGTV board outputs Game Gear game video at a lower resolution than the Sega Master System Games. Don’t bother with that mod unless you don’t mind your GG games taking a much smaller portion of the LCD.

  12. I have an ags-101 with a sketchy cart connector. I would like to put the backlit screen to use in an original game boy advance, but the ribbon cable is the problem, are you able to sell just the cable separate from your kit? I wouldn’t need an extra screen.

    • I don’t sell the cables separately because there are known compatibility issues with some original 101 LCDs. I’ve sold them on their own in the past, and it just ends up causing problems most of the time. Sorry.

  13. Hello Wiggy,

    I would like to know what colors are available for the back-lit Gameboy Pockets? I do have some sort of preference. Maybe Black or White? Also, is the screen cover replaced as new? Thanks

  14. Do you ship to canada?

  15. Do Pre-moded systems come with glass lens?

    • All the GBAs do. The rest all come with plastic lenses (since that’s what’s available).

      • How much is it if i send you my gameboy color for a frontlight mod? And also what is your payment method?

      • The mod is $40 plus $10 shipping within the US ($25 international shipping). I do everything via PayPal invoice. You pay nothing up front when sending in your own unit. I will bill you when the job is complete.

        Feel free to use the “how to order” tab up top and I can go over the details with you about timeframe, where to send it, etc.

  16. sicklink said:

    ok so i installed the sp screen and it lights up and everything but the colors are bad and washed out, what could it be? i checked the ribbon cables and they are connected right.

  17. Hey if i was to send u my gbc with a screen replacement could u install that allong with the frontlite for the same price?

  18. When buying a pre modded gba, if I want it to have fancy pants buttons do they cost cost extra? (As in the system would have fancy pants buttons at purchase)

    Also do you plan on making shoulders and trigger buttons fancy pants? I have a dream gba colour scheme, but it requires coloured shoulders/triggers. (I’m super picky when it comes to colours :P )

  19. RCG-0008 Game Boy Color (with front-light) — $60.00 + $10.00 S&H

    Which console shell colors do you offer for this option? Also, can you do custom buttons for the GBC? If you can, at what price would the buttons be? Thanks.

  20. I have a question. If i wanted to buy the led screen and the magnifier screen to do the front-light mod how much would you charge? Or could i send you my gameboy color’s? email me asap thanks….

  21. Eric Davel MacFaline said:

    I’ve been looking for someone to stuff a gba sp into a gameboy pocket case. Is this a possibility? Please email me!

    • No way it’s gonna fit into a GBP. I’m actually about 80% done stuffing an SP-101 into a DMG and even that’s pretty tricky. It might be possible to do so into a GBC, but it would be really, REALLY tough.

  22. If I chose this option-
    RCG-0008 Game Boy Color (with front-light) — $60.00 + $10.00 S&H

    then which shell colors can I choose from? Also, if I sent you custom buttons, would you be able to fit them (I can pay you extra if you are willing to do this)?

    • I have teal, strawberry, and atomic purple on hand. I can paint them any color you want, or I can track down a specific original color too.

      I will gladly toss buttons in for you while modding it. Takes zero extra work for me ;)

  23. Eric Davel MacFaline said:

    So, I’m pretty sure the dimensions for a gameboy advance sp inside a gameboy pocket housing wouldn’t work… Sorry about the last question! I can’t find info to let me know if it would work with a gameboy color though. If I sent you an sp and a gbc, what the cost be to do the housing swap and housing mod to allow for the insertion of gba games and add trigger buttons/etc?

    • I have plenty of both systems here, so you wouldn’t need to send anything in order for me to take a look.

      I will tell you that it would take a LOT of work to make happen and it’s not something that I have the sort of time for at the moment.

      I am finishing up the SP into a DMG, and would be way more willing to build more of those since I’ve already worked it out ;)

      • Eric Davel MacFaline said:

        What’s the sp to dmg cost?

      • No idea at this point, but it won’t be cheap. It takes a LOT of work to make happen, including a few custom parts from the 3D printer. I’ll put a price together when I actually get this first one done.

      • Hello. I recently emailed you about the availability of the back light kit for the gba, and have yet to receive a response. Are these kits still available?

      • You should have a response now.

  24. Hi Wiggly, I hope to purchase on GBA and GBC in the near future. I will alert you when I am ready. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your work towards the retro gaming community. I really appreciate your work. :)

  25. Hey Wiggy. I was wondering if you could send me the instruction to adjust the 101 screen on a GBA. I’ve noticed that the colors are a bit washed out. Seems like if i can get the screen to go a bit darker it will look perfect. Other than that the mod has held up great.


  26. Philipp said:

    I would like to purchase a GBA Backlight Kit, i heard you’ll have an ebay store up soon where i can do so? When is that happening? I dug up my old GBA today after i heard of the mod and now i’m getting really antsy…

  27. Hi! I’m looking for someone who can install a light in an original Gameboy advance, I’m a little confused with how your pricing works, so could you explain how much it would cost! Thank you so much!

  28. Hi!I was looking to get my gameboy color light modded but I’m a little confused on your prices and how they work and whether send in mine or what so please reply.

    • Well right now I’m not taking any orders on modded consoles. When I start back up (which I plan to on or about the 22nd of this month), I’ll have new, clearer pricing up on the site. So check back around the 22nd for updates :)

      • Hi! I was wondering if i sent you my GBC and a new housing(because the current one is old and messed up)If you could backlight mod it and use the new housing.If you could how much would it be and would it be extra for the new housing to be installed?Thank you for your time.

      • I can front light mod GBC systems, but not back light them.

        I’ll have all the prices on the new site later today. Swapping that case won’t cost anything extra since I already have to take the whole thing apart ;)

  29. I’m curious to know what colors you will be offering for custom Gameboy Color housings, if i could get a Gameboy Color in Extreme Green like that Limited Edition Gameboy Pocket, that would be the coolest thing ever. I’m excited to see what services you have in store later this month. :)

  30. Whoops! Please modify the above post to remove my email in the name area! Lol

    *wiggy edit (from said post):


    I have an atomic purple gameboy color and I’ve seen that the front light mods online use the screen from a gameboy sp which is much longer than the gameboy color screen which doesn’t cause any issues with solid coloured gbcs but with an atomic purple one, its clear that the light doesn’t belong.

    Are your front lights for your gbc mods perfect size to the gbc? Or do they stick out like the screens on the sp?

    Hoping to have my gbc modded by you when you start taking orders!


    • I can’t modify your name, but I can just not publish the other post and add the info to this post instead ;)

      I use replica SP front lights, so they are indeed to big for the GBC. Buuuuut, I trim them so that they fit perfectly behind the GBC lens/bezel ;) The added benefit is that I can mount them horizontally like they should be versus vertically like you see 99% of other folks do. I’ve done a LOT of transparent GBCs. I’ll have some updated pics very soon. I think you’ll like the method that I use :)

  31. Interested to see if you have silver gb pockets with back light? How much would it be?

    • I did ONE backlit GBP and that’s about all I’m ever gonna do. They’re WAY to delicate and I killed two while making that one. It’s just not worth it for me to make them. Sorry :(

  32. Jeffreyy said:

    Okay… so I saw nintendolife on instagram advertising your work. Ia am impressed and would like to know more about what you do. I saw a backlit gameboy color… I still have my old gameboy, you can make it have back light???

  33. joseph wiley said:

    finally got a game gear with working sound. only problem is the screen is really washed up and u have to hold it at an angle to even get a partial decent view. even then it is still a bit blurry. i will be waiting and hoping for a rosecoloredgaming replacement.

    • Well, I haven’t had a lot of time to look at the GG. I’ve got a few here, and they need some love, but the seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. Not to mention that I’m still wrapping up the work on the Nomad mods (which should be good to go really soon).

  34. What does a front light mod for the NGCP do to battery life?

    • Not really sure, have not tested this but it’s on my list of things to do. We will do a test in the near future and update with results on that.

  35. Joseph Clarke said:

    Hi how do I go about ordering the Neo Geo Pocket color front lit screen updgrade, I am really keen to get mine booked in. Thanks

    • We are overbooked right now, but I’ll post here on the blog if and when we are able to take on new commissions.

  36. How do you put background lighting in a gameboy pocket

  37. Hi, have you received other Lcd for GBA ? And can you tell me wether the ags 101 Lcd screen can be used into the first Game Boy Advance model, the one before GBA Sp. Thanks

    • We sell a kit that uses the 101 LCD which allows it to be installed in the original GBA (AGB-001). Is that what you’re asking about?

      If so, we have them on back order and will update the site when they have come back in stock.

  38. Hi,

    came across this post while searching the net. do you still offer the wonderswan front light mod installation service?

    could really do with your help!


  39. Steven Tessmer said:

    I recently bought a gameboy color and installed a new screen. i would love to have a frontlight installed in my system. ive looked at ways to install this myself but as my system is in really good condition, i would rather let a professional do this. could you give me a quote via email what it would cost for you to install this for this system? thank you very much!

    • Hi Steven,
      AT this time we are unable to accept any new custom work so I can’t take it on right now :( Sorry man. One piece opf advice I will give you is be VERY VERY careful with the ribbon cable, they break very easily.

  40. Would you just sell me some help to mod my own NGPC? Email me…

  41. I’m looking for someone to help me with the ds lite to gba project… if anyone wants to help, or pick up the job (paid) hum! Also, links to anyone who could help would be rad!

    • is this what your after?

      “This is a 3-part tutorial on how to turn a Nintendo DS Lite into a GBA….”

  42. Do you have any yellow frontlit game boy colors in stock?

  43. Do you have any frontlit yellow gameboy colors in Stock?

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